2015 Piedmont Plein Air Paintout Award Winners!

Virginia Artist Catherine Hillis with her Best in Show Award Winning Work "Slow Down"

1st Place      "Enlightened" by Jeremy Sams, North Carolina

2nd Place    "Downtown Nocturne" by Cheryl Keefer, North Carolina

3rd Place   "High Point Depot" by Randy Pitts, Florida

Viewer's Choice   "Main Street by the Seat of My Pants" by Joanna Barnum, Maryland

Artist's Choice    "Market Square" by Robin Wellner, North Carolina

Quick Paint award   "Plein Air Painters" by Jean Cauthen, North Carolina


Special Thanks to the 2015 
Piedmont Plein Air Paintout Artists!

Joanna BarnumMaryland
Mike Carroll, Hawaii
Jim Carson, North Carolina
Jean Cauthen, North Carolina
Barbara ClarkNew Mexico
Arlene Daniel, North Carolina
Anne Danly, North Carolina
Harold Frontz, North Carolina
Leslie Frontz, North Carolina
Holly Glasscock, South Carolina
Kim Hall, Virginia
Catherine Hempel, Florida
Catherine Hillis, Virginia
Carrie Jacobson, Virginia
Cheryl Keefer, North Carolina
Rose Kennedy, North Carolina
Brett LaGue, 
Courtney Lee,
Connie Logan, North Carolina
Kaaren Lundeen, North Carolina
Bonnie McGown
New Jersey
Lynn Mehta, Virginia
Judy Meyler, North Carolina
Suzanne Morris, Virginia
Dana Phillips, Virginia
Diane Pike, North Carolina
Randy Pitts, Florida
Susan Rogers, Illinois
Fen Rascoe, North Carolina
Jeremy Sams, North Carolina
Elbert Shubert, Florida
Robin Wellner, North Carolina

2015 Piedmont Plein Air Paintout
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