Introducing the 2015
Piedmont Plein Air Paintout Artists!

Joanna Barnum, Maryland

Mike Carroll, Hawaii

Jim Carson, North Carolina

Jean Cauthen, North Carolina

Barbara Clark, New Mexico

Arlene Daniel, North Carolina

Anne Danly, North Carolina

Harold Frontz, North Carolina

Leslie Frontz, North Carolina

Holly Glasscock, South Carolina

Kim Hall, Virginia

Catherine Hempel, Florida

Catherine Hillis, Virginia

Carrie Jacobson, Virginia

Cheryl Keefer, North Carolina

Rose Kennedy, North Carolina

Brett LaGue,

Courtney Lee,

Connie Logan, North Carolina

Kaaren Lundeen, North Carolina

Bonnie McGown, New Jersey

Lynn Mehta, Virginia

Judy Meyler, North Carolina

Suzanne Morris, Virginia

Dana Phillips, Virginia

Diane Pike, North Carolina

Randy Pitts, Florida

Susan Rogers, Illinois

Fen Rascoe, North Carolina

Jeremy Sams, North Carolina

Elbert Shubert, Florida

Robin Wellner, North Carolina

Please join us for another
fantastic event in High Point
this Fall, September 17-20!

2014 Award Winners!

Artist Russell Jewell with his Best in Show Award Winning Work "Sunny Side of the Street"

Artist Dawn Whitelaw with her First Place Award Winning Work "Mellow Yellow"

Artist Blair Pessemier with his Second Place Award Winning Work "City Lake Park"

Artist Lynn Mehta with her Third Place Award Winning Work "The Bus Depot"

Viewer's Choice Award Winning Artist Jeremy Sams with Competition Juror Richard Oversmith

2015 Piedmont Plein Air Paintout
net proceeds benefit the




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